La Rioja Alavesa is different from any other wine-growing area not just because it has its own climatic characteristics, but also because of its unique winemaking methods.

The location of the Rioja Alavesa in an Atlantic-Mediterranean transition area guarantees that the majority of the vineyards receive sufficient doses of sun and water, necessities for optimum ripening conditions of the grape. Each year, between five and six thousand kilos of grapes per hectare are harvested, which makes the Rioja Alavesa one of Spain’s most prolific areas for wine production.

For centuries, farmers from this area have generally dedicated themselves to the cultivation of grapes, hence the professionalism that prevails in this region even today, and which is so appreciated across the entire sector. Some of the aspects that make the Rioja Alavesa region produce wines of such excellent quality include: a dry and sunny climate, its calcareous and nutrient poor soil, select vines and quality winemaking processes, the blend of tradition and technology.

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