How it all started

Our tradition and passion for wine comes from our ancestors. Although it is true that the founders of Bodegas Zintzo were our parents Tomás and Mª Jesús, our grandparents and great-grandparents were already dedicated to winemaking. It was they who started this long saga. At that time they worked their land and sold their wine to warehouses in Bilbao, wineries in Rioja, etc.


They were the ones who instilled in us the passion for our work. And that is why for us winemaking is more than just work. Dedication, care, care, and many, many hours of research and development make our wines always have an exceptional result.


And it is also that one of our banners, the young wine Zintzo, continues to be made with the traditional method of carbonic maceration. Because we seek to make noble, honest wines, without artifice, but always with our final touch.

Our values

We are known for making honest wines without artifice


Produce high-quality wines without losing tradition, cultivating our own vineyards with vines that are already of a certain age, and controlling the production and bottling process in our own facilities to bring our personality to each one of them.


Publicize our winery and the region in which it is located, making it a benchmark. And remain faithful to the characteristics for which our clients have chosen us.


Always remember our origins and the reason we started our business. Being consistent with these values to always make the best wines, always innovating in ways of production that are more respectful of crops.

We want to be part of your best moments. That for us is a pleasure and a great honor.

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Bodegas Zintzo


historia Bodegas Zintzo Rioja Alavesa

The first winery

Tomás Martínez de Cañas and Mª Jesús founded ``Bodegas Tomás Martínez de Cañas`` in Villabuena de Álava, which would later market the wine under the name Zintzo.


historia Bodegas Zintzo Rioja Alavesa

Karlos joins the winery

After studying Oenology, Karlos, one of the sons of the founders, joined the winery. This fact coincides in time with the beginning of the production of white and crianza wines.


historia Bodegas Zintzo Rioja Alavesa

Josu joins the winery

The second son of the family, Josu, joins the project, thus making one of his greatest wishes come true, helping the family in this beautiful tradition.


historia Bodegas Zintzo Rioja Alavesa

New winery

The great project launched in recent years has come true: creating a new winery in Laguardia, where you can work more comfortably and enjoy wine tourism.